David Gordon  

The Northwest

A Musical Life

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David Gordon playing the guitar

With Acoustic Guitar

1. Traditional styles

Folk songs and vintage favorites

2. Contemporary

Old standards and recent songs

Classical Music

3. Early Music

14th, 16th, and 17th Centuries

4. Bach

CD tracks from Telarc, Dorian and Vox

5. With Orchestra

Live in concert, mostly 19th and 20th C. music

6. Solo Recitals with Piano

Art songs and an opera aria

"When I Behold the Lark" - the 850-year-old song

Listen to David's arrangement of a song by Bernart de Ventadorn, a 12th century Troubadour who served Eleanor of Aquitaine until she left France (and him) to become queen of England.

In this mournful song, a lark soars in the sunlight, beating its wings in joy, while the singer, forlorn and alone, laments his departed love.

The songs of the Troubadours are the oldest written secular songs in the western world. The language is Medieval Provençal.

David Gordon - voice, guitar, and electronics.
Recorded live in concert by Sarah Stearns.