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From David:

Audio Archive
Nearly 5 dozen songs, arias and excerpts from studio recordings and live performances

How to Stay Stressed
David Gordon's Good Tips
for Bad Health

Tongue Twisters
Have fun warming up
the lips and tongue

Don't Just Do Something,
Stand There!
Some thoughts on
muscular awareness

The Three Treasures
attitudes we need for
growth as singers

J. S. Bach:

Famous Musicians on Bach

Bach Factoids

Bach's Children
True, he had 20 children by
two wives, but life was hard
in the 18th century.


Concert Pitch Over the Years
the amazing evolution of "A"

The Reality of Music Making
From guitarist Tuck Andress

The Bill of Musical Rights


Collections of Quotes:

Thoughts on Breathing

"Why Learne to Fing"
Wisdom of English composer
William Byrd, 1588

Sound, Spirit, and Heart
Thoughts of great musicians

On listening to stillness 

Singing, the First Art
A Hindu Tale as told
by Ali Akbar Khan

Quotes about Mozart

The Zen of Music Making
from Philip Toshio Sudo


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