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"The amazing profound performance yesterday
has deeply touched many hearts"

"David, your concert last Sunday was enchanting. No need to repeat that you are a gifted musician (your guitar playing is amazing) and an unequaled story teller. The magic of the concert was for me the timing of its message: this country is now an exposed wound that is daily made deeper by current events and divisive politics. You remind us that there are people who are working to salvage a damaged society through culture and values and courage in a dark time, and of how far those with caring hearts can reach. And I am taking the advice of your penultimate song: one by one, it is possible to make a difference. Thank you!"

"David Gordon is an amazingly versatile, talented performer. Thanks for bringing this out!"

"The concert was just what the doctor ordered."


"Congratulations David Gordon on a fabulous and thought-provoking concert yesterday. You really did sing your heart out! I am most grateful and honored to have attended. Thanks again."

"We LOVED the concert! Just what we needed."

"I want to share you with the world! The amazing profound performance yesterday has deeply touched many hearts."

"That was a beautiful, healing concert for me. It was balm for my spirit and water for my soul after a jarring, scarring week. The combination of history, pathos, and humor made my whole day. I believe I can get up tomorrow and do my "one thing," whatever that turns out to be."

"I think you rang a bell in all those who came yesterday. The idea of anger/sadness as a transformative energy being somehow aligned with an open heart is an idea we all can cultivate. So the question is how can we be of service without losing the very reason we came here. We NEED joy/love/happiness/music/art. It's difficult path, looking squarely at a problem and finding answers. Wonderful to see freed up and brave as hell and moving right along!"

"You made the world lighter, more thoughtful, and more grateful. Yes, you did. Grace and peace and and love to you and more than words can ever hold."