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The Bill of Musical Rights

From "Music for People" and its founder, David Darling

Human beings need to express themselves daily in a way that invites physical and emotional release.

Musical self-expression is a joyful and healthy means of communication available to absolutely everyone.

There are as many different ways to make music as there are people. The human voice is the most natural and powerful vehicle for musical self-expression. The differences in our voices add richness and depth to music.

Sincerely expressed emotion is at the root of meaningful musical expression.

Your music is more authentically expressed when your body is involved in your musical expression.

The European tradition of music is only one sound. All other cultures and traditions deserve equal attention.

Any combination of people and instruments can make music together.

There are no "unmusical" people, only those with no musical experience. Music improvisation is a unique and positive way to build skills for life-expression.

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