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David in concert

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It's Almost Time
by David Wilcox, 1987
Trust, hope, and patience

Hard Times
by Stephen Foster, 1854
Live in Monterey, California 2019

Brother, Can You Spare A Dime
by Yip Harburg & Jay Gorney, 1930
Iconic song of the Great Depression

My Life by Maggie Lee
from a Facebook livestream
in March 2020

A poem written in 2016 by the wonderful Brian Bilston.

Laughing Matters
by Gallagher & Waldrop, 1996
Don't lose your sense of humor

Love Will Show the Way
by David Wilcox, 1987
In concert, Monterey CA

I Lie
by Calvin Trillin & Pete Seeger, 1992
Steve Schenkel, solo guitar
Listen to Audio HereA Playlist of 26 Audio Clips
from Concerts in Oregon and
California 2017-2022